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Our appliance maintenance services can help you extend the life of your appliances, save money on energy bills, and prevent costly repairs.

I am a professional who believe in quality work and outstanding customer service. 15 + years of experience in industry. Solid. 10 + years of solid warranty work with Manufacturer, Extended and Home warranties.

Quality work 100%
No mickey mouse repairs ever!!!
Honest and professional opinion.
Work guaranteed or no charge for parts and labor.
Best warranty in town - 6 months parts and labor.
FREE SERVICE CALL with ANY TYPE OF REPAIR!!! Call us now! 858-330-8050
How it works Call us now! 858-330-8050

Property Manager sends us Text or Email with work order info (text is the fastest response time, but email is just fine).
Address, tenants contact info, type of appliance and failure.
We schedule directly with tenants - NO HASSLE FOR MANAGEMENT.
Report back to property manager while myself or my technician is on site.
Provide exact amount to solve existing issue and get approval (unless under the authorized limit).
Complete repair same day if parts are available / in stock.
Once job is complete, we provide email with pdf file invoice and full description of work performed.

What you can expect from us

Scheduling promptly with tenants
Work orders to be completed in timely manner
Fast info on diagnostics and repairs
High level of customer service

What expect from property managers

Be available when we report on the issue, if possible...
Fast Authorization (unless repair is under approved specified limit, then we just complete work order)
Billing on time (up to 30 days cycle or less)

From Essential Repair Service

Honest and professional assessment / diagnostics on site
Provide exact amount to solve existing issue and get approval.
Most jobs are completed the same day (certain restrictions apply).
All jobs are completed with OEM brand new parts only.
High level of customer service.

Restrictions 100% Money Back Guarantee

If parts are not available in stock or in local Supply Stores in town, we guarantee to complete job same or next day part arrives to us.

If parts are backordered, we will provide approximate date for work order to be completed and find out from Property Managers on the next step / landlord's decision. (Job is on hold)

If we are unable to complete work order due to:
Parts no longer available, part is backordered with no available date, repair exceeds the cost, too many issues, or if for any reason repair is not worth it, we will only charge service diagnostics fee $45.00 ONLY!!!

ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE IF WE DONT WORK ON THE BRAND WHEN SHOWED UP AT LOCATION!!! (You can always ask landlord / tenant prior to scheduling.)

No obligations required.Call us now! 858-330-8050

We are the qualified appliance pros that best meet the needs of your project, but if you are not fully satisfied you are not obligated to move forward.

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